Events “Beyond Classrooms”

Investiture Ceremony:

The Investiture Ceremony is the first event in an academic year. The student council is elected and they take oath of office in the 1st week of July. The Principal conducts the oath. This is followed by the welcome of the new students including a special lunch hosted for them

Sports Day:

The Annual Sports Day in the 1st week of December takes off with the march past by the four houses. This is followed by track and field events and ends with the prize distribution.

Founders’ Day:

Ivy League Academy’s Founders’ Day is celebrated on 7th January every year. Eminent personalities are invited to grace the occasion. Teachers and students come together to put up plays, dance and music recitals. The Annual Day rounds off the co-curricular activities for the academic year.


Carnival is the festive and much awaited celebration for the students. It falls on the 31st of December followed by New Year Celebrations.