Introducing project-based learning for student engagement in class

Boosting student engagement in class has always been a central point of focus for learning facilitators. Teachers agree upon the fact that traditional teaching techniques are not sufficiently suffice to prepare students for life beyond school. These methods may help pass on information, but it does not help in harnessing practical skill-sets such as teamwork, problem solving, etc. Thus, there must be new ways such as project-based learning that should be present in the curriculum so that educators can engage students in a better way.

How project-based learning will bring a difference?

Given below are a few ways in which project-based learning will act as a transforming medium:

Restructuring of the learning process

Project-based learning can be a medium for transforming the learning process. It can immensely help in invoking inquisitiveness among students. The most important transition is to make them reach from “what” to “why.” Sometimes emphasis should be on developing the nature of thinking practically rather than just having a technical skill-set. Educator should teach facts in such a manner that they make better sense to students. Projects can help to accomplish this objective.

This change can be achieved by using the 5E model, which challenge & modify the traditional fixed learning process. Instead, it helps to build a logical path towards gaining practical knowledge. This model works on five pillars namely engage, explore, explain, elaborate & evaluate. The most amazing outcome from this model is that it teaches students to think, create & innovate. Also, this exercise helps the students to come up with more & more questions & also gift them the ability to find answers on their own.

Formation of work groups among students

Most industries and employers have been complaining of not getting resources who work efficiently under a collaborative & more inclusive environment. Their feedback suggests that most students prefer to work in isolation & fail to perform as a productive team player. Most schools & colleges are not addressing this issue very effectively.

Under several occasions, some of the complex problems do need a collective effort to get a conclusion in a time-bound fashion. Thus, effective teamwork becomes a necessary skill to possess. Here project led learning system does help the teachers.

Under a project, each of the students can be at par or at least close to the entire class. Teachers have to look closely while forming these groups & should distribute students evenly. Each group can include students having both strong and weak learning ability. This helps each group to perform reasonably & create healthy competition among groups.

Teacher’s role

To improvise student learning, teachers have to be mentored appropriately. Nature & drive to lead students effectively has to be rooted in every teacher. To take forward a project-based learning environment teachers have to be empowered with the necessary freedom to amend the teaching style & curriculum.

To achieve an impactful project-based learning, a perfect partnership of students & teachers is necessary.

Irrespective of which model an institution prefers, unless they have insights & contribution from teachers it is of no use. Also, teachers need to have a balanced approach to interfering in students work to the right extent.
Teachers should show the appropriate method for students to seek solutions & conclusion. Also, keeping the right equilibrium of positive interpersonal relationships among students is also an essential responsibility of the teacher.

An EndNote

Thus, with the increasing number of teachers who believe in emphasizing on project-based learning in class, more students become industry ready. The project-based teaching helps the student to be prepared for practical life & make employer’s work easier. This methodology is a definite way to create a whole new breed of successful professionals who are not lacking in the application of their theoretical knowledge.

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