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 IVY League campus is spread over 40 acres of lush green environment away from chaos of traffic and pollution. It is an island of peace and tranquillity.

The campus offers modern smart classrooms with computers and audiovisual teaching equipment, a well-stocked library, state of a art computer lab and top of the line science laboratories. It is well known that exercise improves concentration, memory and cognitive skills, and for this, there are separate playfields for Cricket, Hockey, Football, Lawn Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Each child is encouraged to explore activity of choice. The school also boasts of a swimming pool and a gymnasium.

There are co-ed dorms providing separate halls of residence for boys and girls and a contemporary hygienic dining area. The kitchen menu offers a veritable feast that ensures high nutritive value at the same time fun delicious meals.

It is a common sight to see a group of students practicing dance, playing music or involved in theatre. All these co-curricular activities are encouraged and are part of the curriculum.  

The school has a ten-bed infirmary, water treatment plants, backup generators, solar heaters, and all the necessary equipment that ensure a safe and comfortable space for all the residents. 


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