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Dear Parent,

Thank you for considering Ivy League Academy for your child!

Ivy League Academy is among the top 3 CBSE boarding schools in Hyderabad located on a 40-acre lush green campus in Shamirpet. Our children study in an environment conducive to their growth and peace-of-mind. 

Our endeavour is to nurture not only their academics but also their personality and creativity, in a constructive and unrestricted way. We prefer to work very closely with parents to help children self-discover their talents and become powerful decision-makers of the future.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider saying yes to Ivy League Academy!

  1. Passionate Academic Faculty & Team 

We are very proud of our excellent faculty. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and love to teach children. As both teachers and students stay on the campus, there is a much deeper bond and engagement between them. Learning happens not only in the classrooms, but also in the sports field, the dining hall and the dorms.

  1. Outstanding sports facilities

At Ivy, we have top end sports facilities. We have over 8 types of sports fields . The School teams have been participating regionally, nationally and internationally to compete with the best across the nation and have been winning medals, awards & accolades at all levels.

  1. Focused Academics

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, for classes from I to XII. Genuine connections between teachers and students offer each student the safety to challenge them academically and to trust that the support they need is available when necessary. With a wide breadth of meaningful learning opportunities to choose from,  students learn to think creatively and critically, while discovering their personal passions on a pathway to success, that is as unique as they are.

  1. Performing Arts Program

As much as we focus on academic excellence, we also encourage children to take up other creative fields like arts, sports, music, dramatics, elocution etc. These co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are included in the overall ranking .With a comprehensive co – curricular program that includes a wide range of activities for skill enhancement, at the heart of the program lies the fundamental belief that every child is unique and should be given a liberal landscape to discover his / her natural talents and develop them to excellence.

  1. Campus for learning

Located on a 40-acre lush green campus located away from the unsettling chaos of traffic and pollution in Shamirpet, Hyderabad, our children study in an environment conducive to their growth and peace-of-mind. We utilize modern amenities like smart classrooms, audio-visual, state-of-the-art laboratories, music rooms and computer center and other facilities to educate students in the most engaging ways possible.

  1. A healthy and natural environment

Cradled in the midst of nature, the school’s ambience is free of all kinds of pollution. The students breathe clean air and enjoy the healthy natural surroundings. The catering department provides excellent food and the students never miss home food.The  nutritionist ensures a well balanced diet of both vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines.

  1. Halls of Residence

For those who opt to be boarders, for them our school facilities will include pleasant dormitories on campus where your child will make memories and friends for a lifetime. Our wardens have an eye on them all the time, and we tend to every child’s need according to what motivates them the best.

We have books, television time and internet access on the weekend for a few hours along with other competitions and activities, especially designed to make their dorm-life not just exciting but enriching, making us one of the best residential schools in Hyderabad.

Each student is provided a wardrobe space and a closet space. They learn how to manage their weekly time-tables and laundry on their own. For younger students, we have caretakers (or Aayahs) to help them out with their day-to-day tasks.

  1. Friends for Life

Boarding school life is about belonging to a community, sharing experiences, growing and developing alongside others. Living with others of the same age creates a unique bond; our children share triumphs and joys and also support each other when the going gets tough. The bonds that your child builds during his /her stay will be cherished forever.

  1. Children learn to be responsible

Ivy League Academy is a FAMILY. Our children learn to live together and get along with others because it is a community. They learn to be responsible for their actions because they are bound by honour and values. The lessons learnt lay a solid foundation for life ahead.

  1. Exceptional Co-educational Experience

Ivy provides a mutually supportive environment for both boys and girls to learn from each other. The Co-ed environment offers students plenty of experience to communicate and collaborate with all kinds of people – a key skill for your child’s success. We are a co-educational institute that offers Residential, Weekday-boarding and Day Schooling for students from all around the world. This helps children develop a cosmopolitan attitude that will assist them to prosper anywhere in the world.

If you would like to visit and experience us, please do feel free to write to us or call us.  We will be happy to assist you in planning and executing your visit, while adhering to all safety regulations.

Look forward to welcoming you!

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