5 Advantages of studying in a Green and Eco-friendly Campus

The Earth is on the verge of irreparable damage, which can only be avoided if our future generation learns to love and respect nature. It needs to be taught about the ecological repercussions of their every little habit. It needs to learn the good consequences of making environment-friendly lifestyle choices like waste segregation, minimal water wastage, planting trees, protecting habitats etc.

But how will children learn all this if they grow up in a concrete jungle? When will they have the time to bond spiritually with green life around them? Will they be interested in going out in the open to play, walk or hang out if they have cool gadgets and 24×7 internet access at home? As parents, you already know the answer to these questions.

We at Ivy League Academy therefore, have a huge 40-acre lush-green campus full of trees, located in Shamirpet. Moreover, we are “Green in Nature” and promote sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible habits amongst children. But how exactly do your children benefit from this? Let’s explore some of these advantages –

  1. Healthy Physical Growth

When children are surrounded by large sheltering trees, well-trimmed lawns, mesmerising natural rock formations and chirping birds, they automatically are attracted to being outdoors. They fall in love with playing games with those their age and fall into a healthy routine. This helps their growing bodies get the much needed exercise to metabolise nutrients properly and avoid childhood obesity, malnutrition, allergies and other deficiencies.

  1. Better Psychological Capabilities

According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it was discovered that greenery can directly boost a child’s cognitive strength. In simpler terms, they can concentrate better, retain more information, develop better dexterity, sharpen their reflexes etc. This helps them not just academically, but it also nurtures their creativity and helps them become all-rounders.

  1. Responsible Attitude

Ivy League Academy has strict rules if a student fails to follow them for the betterment of the environment. Students are required to take care of their classrooms, their bunks and their own belongings. They aren’t allowed to cause harm to any plant or animal on the campus, and are taught to respect the importance of life on a whole.

  1. Eco-friendly Habits

Teaching kids through theories only has a limited impact on their mind. True understanding comes only when they experience the advantages and partake in the action themselves. We have implemented compulsory waste segregation on campus. No child is allowed to waste food. Thoughtlessly wasting water or electricity is seriously reprimanded. Littering leads to severe consequences as well. Therefore, slowly our students develop healthy habits that stick with them for a lifetime.

  1. Sustainable Future Goals

When children grow up with awareness of the consequences that change or affect the environment, as adults they tend to align their priorities and endeavour to ensure that their ambition doesn’t harm Mother Earth. They make conscious choices in favour of sustainable development and set amazing examples for the fellow citizens of the society.

There you go! These are just 5 advantages of having your child grow up enveloped by green cover. There are plenty more, like reduced exposure to pollution, less time wasted in the digital world etc. But we hope we have conveyed our point. Greenery is the need of the hour when it comes to the betterment of our future generation and we at Ivy League Academy, are doing our part to help children grow up to become exemplary human beings.