COVID-19: Making changes to keep schooling safe and worry-free

In our previous blog published last month, we enlightened you why Ivy League Academy is an ideal and safe school for every parent seeking admission for their child in the coming academic year, more so, if you are looking for a boarding school.

Ivy League Academy is at an advantage in almost every facet of schooling and that encompasses location, together with other aspects like an enormous campus, abundant nature, aspects of discipline and schedule, cooking hygiene, all the way to healthcare and sanitation.

Now let’s tell you more about our new measures and plans that we have implemented in response to the pandemic. These steps will ensure our school stays infection-free and our students stay healthy – while these also strengthen our resolve to stay the safest choice of school around.

– Right from March, even before the start of lockdown that is, we made hand-sanitization before entering the classroom, compulsory for every child.

– No outsider was allowed to enter the school premises. With close to a 70-member staff team that includes faculty and support staff residing in the campus, we avoided any chance of the virus entering the campus.

Plan Ahead
Going forward, this is what we plan to do, as a way to ensure the safe environment continues:
– Maintaining Social Distance will be a rule on the campus.
– Seating will be limited to only 1 child per bench.
– Restrictions on the number of children using the dining area will be in place.

Adapting to the Situation
Moving on from Social Distancing to Academics, the very philosophy of Ivy League Academy states that schooling is best when it happens amidst nature, in the open, through personal interaction – than over a video or through a screen.

But then, we have chosen to adapt ourselves to the concept of Online Schooling, considering the times we are in. We believe that the very manner schooling is done, is likely to undergo a permanent change.

To cope up with academics and ensure that children are not burdened with academic load later, Ivy League Academy has associated itself with an online teaching platform, We recommended all parents to encourage their children to use this platform. But this, we recommend for students from Grade 6 to Grade 12, and not for children under Grade 5, as we do not want them to get easily influenced and get dependent on technology.

If you wish to know more about this, feel free to call us on 9100175366 or visit to fix an appointment for a campus visit.