Social Distancing: Not a forced practice, but a regular facet!

So, we all now belong to an environment that has moved from ‘staying together’ to ‘staying away’, in which we are encouraging and practising ‘distancing’ – while making Social / Physical Distancing a part of an accepted human behaviour. As a world, we are beginning to learn and imbibe new practices. We are firming up our belief in urging people around us to ingrain habits that should have always been a part of our everyday life. We are making terminology like ‘quarantine’, ‘isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ a part of our cultural vocabulary.

But then, Ivy League Academy has a massive campus with lots of open space, greenery that runs across several acres, and an expanse that’s beyond imagination – social distancing in our campus has never been a concern, so to say. Let’s tell you why:

Locational Advantage
Ivy League Academy is on the precincts of the twin-cities set far away from hubbub. Located in Shamirpet over 20 km from the spoke of Secunderabad, the campus is green and fresh, beautifully residing in a pollution-free environment under the shade of natural light.

Enormous Campus
In a 40-acre campus, the total strength of the school is just 350 students. Which means, there is enough and more space for every student to be ‘socially-distanced’ by default from each other, no matter the situation. Also, the maximum strength of each class is 25 students, and this helps in enabling a more peaceful and calmer environment to study and grow.

Nature-abundant Setting
You will be pleased to know that the entire campus has been designed keeping the natural rock formation on the campus, undisturbed. Children grow up amidst natural air and light, as we keep the use of artificial light/air to a minimum – and this has immense health benefits. Such a practice also keeps the risk of infections associated with viruses like Coronavirus / COVID-19 at a distance.

Discipline and Schedule
From waking up on time to adhering to the daily schedule; from eating their meals on time to having a dress code for every activity and engagement, discipline is the order here – and also the way they start with and end their daily routine. Discipline goes on to contribute to healthy habits in a great way.

Cooking Hygiene
It goes without saying that hygiene and cleanliness are topmost priorities of the school. Food is cooked in a mechanised kitchen, with most of the preparation untouched by hands. The surfaces of the kitchen are thoroughly cleaned every day, after every session of cooking. The school has a team of chefs who take their responsibility of cleanliness seriously, at every stage of cooking. Importantly, children are served a nutritionist-planned meal.

Healthcare and Sanitation
The school ensures an infection-free environment, with boarding rooms cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals. The campus has an in-house doctor and infirmary, there is also a round-the-clock healthcare facility, and the school has tie-ups with hospitals nearby, in case of emergency. With a small size, monitoring and reviewing hygiene practices is easy – and this keeps the sickness also at a low.

With such infrastructure, your child is sure to belong to an environment that is naturally protected and distanced from the worries of infection, ill-health or sickness. Aren’t these reasons enough to give your child the comfort of an environment where he/she is protected and you remain worry-free?

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