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Welcome to an island of peace and tranquillity.

The Ivy is generously spread over 40 acres of lavishly planned lush greens and natural rock formations. Set amid this is our modern campus, crafted to augment the harmony of our natural environment. 

We offer smart classrooms with computers and audio visual teaching equipment, a well stocked library, state of the art computer-lab and top of the line science laboratories.

There are comfortable and airy dorms providing separate residence for boys and girls and a contemporary hygienic dining area. 

We are aware nothing matches home food but we do compete! The kitchen is a point of strong focus at the Ivy. Our menus are scientific, lovingly created to offer a veritable feast ensuring nutritive value and delicious tastes. There is a water filtration unit to ensure pure drinking water. 

Exercise is vital to children’s well-being, promotes positive mental health including physical fitness, self-esteem and confidence. For this, there are separate playfields for Cricket, Hockey, Football, Lawn Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Each child is encouraged to explore an activity of choice. The school also boasts of a swimming pool and a gymnasium.

We have a strong tradition of nurturing a lively ambience of arts and culture through the curriculum at the Ivy. To expand the frontiers of their learning, students pursue their talents in dance, music, painting, pottery, theatre, creative writing, story telling, debating and more. To spur on creativity, we have an outdoors panoramic proscenium, formal auditorium, and we also mount spectacular events under the skies, amid our natural environment.

At the Ivy, health and well-being of students is of primary importance, a concern addressed in all aspects of everyday life. We are equipped with a ten bed infirmary ensuring round-the-clock healthcare facility. We also conduct periodic check-ups in general health, dental and eye care. Additionally, tie-ups with leading hospitals provide best possible healthcare.


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