The genesis of the Ivy League School goes back to a time when education conventions were firmly fixated on academic performance alone, passing information from teacher to student in a superficial and mechanical way. There was little access to creative enrichment, group activity or carefree mingling. This we believed needed correction. We seized the moment and successfully reimagined a wide and sweeping vision for the Ivy where education is inclusive of the wholeness of living itself, where teachers and students together explore the world of knowledge, its importance and also its consequences.

At the same time, Ivy League Academy played a pioneering role of being among the first schools with a corporate lineage, distinct from the timeworn institutions controlled by governments and Missionaries. 

When we opened our doors in 1988, a rising and enlightened middle class had created a compelling need for private entities to enter the arena of quality education. In the modern world, the code of ethics of a conscionable corporation plays a critical role in creating sustainable road-maps for an evolving society. From corporate-captains to employees, shareholders, customers and communities, each feels the ripples created by the other, all are part of the same current. Our corporate school story at the Ivy is, we have gotten here not by ritualising the prevailing philosophical solutions to education, but through envisioning a well reasoned and wholesome environment of self discovery and learning. 


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