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People love to make resolutions—to walk more and eat less, find some interesting hobbies, or get a better job. We feel tremendous elation in making these kinds of energizing pronouncements, not just to ourselves, but to our family, relatives, co-workers, etc. We think that the more often we state our intentions, the more boldly we do it, and the larger the group we do it to, the more successful we’ll be.

Resolutions don’t work long-term because we make them only for things we don’t much want to do and for changes we don’t much care to make. As defined in the dictionary, resolution means “a firm decision to do or not do something,” and well anyone who has even made these resolutions once, knows that life rarely works that way. 

As we prepare to start a new year, many of us find ourselves thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. This year, let us encourage ourselves to forget resolutions and create solutions for a lifetime! 

  1. This year, instead of making resolutions, come up with concrete, realistic solutions to your problems by seriously examining what has held you back from being successful. 
  2. Objectively assess your motivation to reach your goals. If your motivation is 80%, what actual changes could you make to boost it closer to 100%? So what do you do next? 
  3. Identify how you can keep sustaining your motivation. If you are used to external rewards, it would not do well for too long as compared to your internal ones, such as pride or feeling better physically and mentally would do. 
  4. Without the help of an effective step by step plan, one cannot keep sustaining their motivation and it could go down to zero. Only if we keep fueling our motivation, we will be able to overcome our hurdles and even if we slack a little behind, we can pick up from where we left off and move forward.
  5. Finally, start writing them down. Draw a mindmap and your vision on  how you can manifest and work towards your goal to make the little changes whatsoever it might be. Script your whole idea of what you can do better to eliminate obstacles to make moving forward more consistently. 

Every other time there will be a possibility that we could run into problems but do not let that make you deviate from your goal. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and will power to go against that urge to give up and falter. We hope this will help you to make your New Year Resolution – the only solution lies in the ability to find a new way of inner transformation and growth. 


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