In today’s world, parents are working in different shifts in different locations, they find it difficult to spend quality time with their children. Taking it into account of their priorities, Ivy League has designed a choice of schooling options to suit every parent.


Day Scholar


The concept of a Day Scholar is designed to facilitate students of Hyderabad/Secunderabad who live within commuting distance and commute daily to the school. The school has busses which pick students from a common point near their house and drops them back every day.


Weekday Boarder


The concept of a weekday boarder is a unique one. From Monday through Saturday, a student stays on the campus, getting exposed to the entire gamut of the school’s activities. In the evening the school conducts prep classes monitored by teachers to support them in academics to complete their home assignments. At the end of the week they head back home to spend quality time with their family and are back on Monday mornings.


Full Boarder


Boarders are students who reside in the school throughout the year participating in all activities and are exposed to special sessions during the weekends. They travel back home during breaks as per the academic calendar.

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