Vision & Mission

In education, our vision is firm and clear: Schooling has to be the most rewarding and pleasurable part of a child’s journey to adulthood. Gently nurturing a love for learning in children is central to this. Our effort is immersed in setting free the budding spirit in our students so they fearlessly explore and question their ever expanding universe, and find their place in it. The core value we impart to our students is, a principled and ethical way of life is key to achieving success and fulfilment.

Our vision: Our vision for students of the Ivy League Academy is that they stride into a fast changing world with fortitude, clarity of mind, and an earnest aspiration to change it in profound ways.

Our mission: We strive to create a culture of joyful learning and academic excellence, where children blossom into young adults with liberal sensibilities and impeccable ethical moorings, ready to make a difference to their environment.

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