Students who have passed out from the portals of Ivy League have found their place in the sun. Ivy Leaguers have branched out into different fields. They have become doctors, engineers, lawyers to public servants or have become entrepreneurs successfully running their own industry. Some of the Ivy Leaguers have joined the MNC, corporate world and are holding responsible positions fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Some of the Ivy Leaguers are:


Orthopaedic Surgeon


“In my book of LIFE. I am ever grateful to have IVY as my all time favorite chapter for more than many reasons. Studied little yet learnt lessons of life a lot. Played little yet had loads of hun. Lived only 6 years in IVY but will cherish memories a lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for a better place than IVY LEAGUE ACADEMY.”


Studying at SRCC


It feels exhilarating to share. I was selected, amongst 60 other applicants from all over India, to address the crowd of 2,500 consisting of CA professionals, & students on the topic ‘GST’. The cherry on the cake is that I was also awarded the ‘Best paper presenter award’. This was not possible had it not been for those elocution and drama competitions held at Ivy League.

You see that’s what a student groomed in Ivy League does, he clinches the world.




“Possibly my best 4 years of schooling was at Ivy. I gained confidence in academics and extracurricular activities which is helping me till day. “

“The friends I made at Ivy, are still the best of the buddies – and we have a whatsapp group too!”

“Still remember the names of all the teachers – right from Chemistry to English – and memories looks like as if it was yesterday. 3 Cheers to the best time of my life ! Hail Ivy!”

Dr. Sachin Gothi



“Role of Ivy League in my life is what’s soil is to a seed. It has provided me space to develop roots of my life, nourishment of motivation to grow my skills, water of hard work to quench my thirst of success ,fertilizer of happiness to color my life and lastly pesticides of values to take away all negativity from my life and achieve my full potential to explore purpose of life.”

Rahul Jain

Managing Partner – Universal Hunt


“A residential campus is a movie in itself. When I was admitted in Ivy League Academy as a child, I was an introvert. This institution changed the way I used to look at things. I learnt to respect space & people. I was exposed to the values of relationships and togetherness”

Dr. Shifa Vyas

MBBS Pursuing MD


“I came from a different world to a different world. My acceptance into Ivy League Academy, my school was a game changer. What I acquired here was more than education and knowledge, I was designed by my teachers to win.”




“Ivy is one place which taught me all about life motto of our school. “Mind Without Fear “ is what all of us live by, thank you Ivy League for making me who I am today. “




“The schooling at Ivy League Academy has contributed to my being; what I am today and what I will be tomorrow.”


Senior Consultant Deloitte


“At Ivy League, we were unfettered in ideas but bound by discipline, our thoughts encouraged to soar free. We explored, questioned, asked, argued, all the while being educated taught not just through curriculum or rote learning but activity and interaction. Co-curricular activities and sports were a close second to academics. In each child is a kernel of talent, a hint of excellence. In Ivy League, this potential was found and nurtured. Leadership, teamwork, and cultural awareness were as important as intellectual curiosity. We grew up with a strong sense of responsibility towards those around us. Ivy Leaguers stand apart from the crowd but are still part of it, strong in their sense of self but aware of their duty to others. We are children of the sun and the wind, with both feet on the ground.”

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